What is a live online course?

This is a course with live learning activities that takes a place in real-time online via remote learning platforms such as Zoom, Google meet, and Jitsi. Classes meet at regularly scheduled times and you have the opportunity to interact with your instructor and your classroom peers in real time.

How to structure a live online course?

You can do it on the EducateMe platform. The first thing that you need to do is to sign up or sign in to your account and add the branding of your company

We prepared 7 simple steps of how to launch a live online course:

1️⃣ Add your company’s branding

2️⃣ Create a program and fill it with lessons and materials

3️⃣ Connect your Zoom account

4️⃣ Create a new cohort & set a calendar for it

5️⃣ Invite your students & instructors to the platform

6️⃣ Launch your community

7️⃣ Enjoy your company’s growth and students’ results

1️⃣ Add your company’s branding

You can do it using the “Company Settings” page.

What can be customized on the platform: